What’s the best vape to help you quit smoking?

Vapes are less harmful than smoking – but what’s the best vape to choose if you want to quit for good?

What you need to know about e-cigarettes (or vapes)

What is it?

A vape is a battery powered device that heats a solution called e-liquid or juice containing nicotine and flavours commonly found in food.

This cigarette substitute allows you to inhale nicotine in a vapour rather than smoke. It’s a cleaner and safer way to get the nicotine ‘hit’ that you usually get from cigarettes.

Vaping can help you replace smoking – both the addiction and the habit. The right vape for you is the one that helps you quit smoking for good.

Is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes?

Vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking. Vapes are widely regarded by healthcare professional, charities, and tobacco pressure groups as a convenient way to cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke, or to quit smoking altogether.

Experts who support the use of e-cigarettes or vaping to quit smoking include Public Health England, the Royal College of Physicians, the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, the Royal College of GPs and charities including Cancer Research UK.

Are you aware of these common vaping myths?

Are there any risks from smoking vapes?

In the UK, vapes are tightly regulated for safety and quality. When used as intended, nicotine contained in vaping liquids is relatively harmless.

Using an e-cigarette is not completely without risk.

But we do know they are much less harmful than continuing to smoke.

Watch this short video from Public Health England (now called Office for Health Improvement and Disparities) which includes a remarkable and very vivid test showing the damage done to your lungs by smoking and vaping – using bell jars to represent lungs to breathe in the toxins!


This video highlights the damage done to your lungs by smoking.

What happens when you quit smoking and start vaping?

There is a succession of stages representing the detoxification of your lungs as you quit smoking and start vaping.

  • Once you’ve stopped smoking for good and switched to vaping, you’ll most likely also notice other positive side effects – like your sense of taste and smell improving.
  • Three to nine months after swapping smoking for vaping your lungs will begin to repair – that’s because E-cigarettes contain fewer toxins
  • Without suffering such a daily bombardment of harmful chemicals, the lungs can start to clean out the debris and mucus which has accumulated for so long and affected your health.
  • Before long you may also notice that your breathing is less heavy. That’s your lungs cleaning out years of tar and starting to recover.
  • Having switched from smoking with vaping, you’ll slowly find a marked increase in energy and physical health

Which vape is the best to quit smoking?

  • Everyone’s vape is different and each person is going to prefer one flavour or brand.
  • Ultimately, the vape that makes it easiest to quit smoking is likely to contain nicotine. While that may seem counter-intuitive, this will help with cravings.
  • Vaping also helps you quit because it allows you to do something with your hands. This mimics the action of smoking that you’re trying to give up.

Which vape is closest to smoking a cigarette?

The most cigarette-like vaping device may not be the answer to your cravings.

What you get from a cigarette can be replicated in various ways with an e-cigarette device. The best vape to help you quit smoking for good – will be the one that you’re most comfortable with.


This ex-smoker explains how he switched to vaping.

What’s the best vape to quit smoking in 2023?

 The best vape for you to quit smoking won’t be the same for everyone and will depend on what you want from a cigarette in terms of habit, taste and nicotine use.

You may find that the vaping device which seems the most similar to your previous smoking preference doesn’t work for you.

There are a range of different vapes and a range of different liquids. You’re probably going to have to try a number of products until you find the one that’s right for you.

How does a vape or e-cigarette work?

The video (also linked above) also explains the anatomy of an e-cigarette, how they work and how to safely use them

Beyond that, it’s worth keeping the following in mind when buying and using your vapes.

  • Make sure that all e-cigarette devices, chargers and batteries display a CE mark. This indicates that they’re following European health, safety and environmental protection standards.
  • E-liquids should be stored in a cool, dark place out of reach of children and pets, and empty bottles should be disposed of safely.
  • To reduce the risk of fire, like any electrical device, the correct charger for the device should always be used and e-cigarettes should not be left charging unattended or overnight.
  • Finally, avoid placing spare batteries in your pocket with loose change or keys as this may cause ignition.

How much will I save by quitting smoking?

You will save a lot of money by quitting smoking and switching to vaping. That’s just one more way that quitting will improve not only your standard of living but also your standard of life.

Smoking a pack of even a cheap brand of cigarettes will cost you around £8 a day.

Even after shopping around and trying different vapes, costs are mostly comparatively low. The best vape for you to quit smoking is likely to cost you around £1.50 a day.

Try our Stopping Smoking Calculator which can show you the cost of smoking 10, 20 or 30 cigarettes a day – compared to that £1.50 vaping cost.

Smoking will do more damage to your lungs and your wallet in comparison to vaping. The best vape that works for your to quit smoking will save you money and save your health.

What about the nicotine in vapes – is it harmful?

E-liquid contain flavours commonly found in food and most also contain nicotine, but vaping is much cleaner and safer.

By switching to an e-cigarette means you are reducing the number of harmful chemicals that you are taking into your body. You may even find that your sense of taste improves.

Many people often tell us that since swapping smoking for vaping – they much prefer vaping!

Where can I find out more about vaping as an alternative?

Talk to a Stop Smoking London adviser about e-cigarettes and other tools to help you quit smoking call 0300 123 1044.