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What makes you want to reach for a cigarette?

If you can understand why you smoke or pinpoint the situations where you are more likely to, we can help you make changes to help you quit!

Smoking when bored

You might want to reach for a cigarette when you feel bored. It’s something to do to keep you entertained. Really you just need something else to distract you.

Smoking & alcohol

For some people when they drink alcohol they also want a cigarette. If this has become a habit for you there are lots of ways you can break this pattern.

Smoking when stressed

You might feel that smoking helps you relax and is a good way to cope with stress. But the sooner you deal with stress, the better, and the less likely you are to feel the need for a cigarette.

Smoking in the morning

Having a cigarette in the morning when you wake up can quickly become part of your everyday routine, but this can actually make it harder for you to quit.

Smoking & socialising

You probably already know that you're more likely to smoke when with your friends who smoke. They are lots of tips that can help you quit and still have a good time.

Smoking when anxious

If you are feeling worried or anxious you may feel that a cigarette will help calm you. Nicotine can actually increase your feelings of anxiety; there are lots of other ways to help deal with your feelings.

You know you want to stop

Most people want to stop smoking, and you’ve made a great decision to stop. There are many ways you can get help to quit. You can use any one - or a combination - of these different options:

Spend your money on something for you!

Stopping smoking won’t just make you feel better; the money you save can be spent on you! Treat yourself to new clothes or dinner at a great restaurant, a holiday, or a family day out. How much extra money will you have when you quit smoking?

In one week you could save


That's new makeup or skincare product


For you gamers the latest game

In one month you could save


That’s a fantastic dinner for two


New workout clothes

In six months you could save


That's a week in the sun


A shopping spree

In one year you could save


Treat yourself to that designer watch or jewellery


Start saving for something really special

In one week you could save


That's a pair of designer shoes


A relaxing spa treatment

In one month you could save


That’s a weekend in Europe, incl. flights


A new piece of tech

In six months you could save


That’s a luxury holiday


A new luxury bed

In one year you could save


That’s the deposit for a new car


A brand new kitchen

In one week you could save


That’s your weekly food shop


An exciting experience day

In one month you could save


That’s a night away in a luxury hotel


A new holiday wardrobe

In six months you could save


That’s a trip to Orlando for a family of 4


Fly to NYC and spend a Few days in the Big Apple

In one year you could save


That’s an all-inclusive, month-long Caribbean cruise


A new and approved car

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