Our Guides are here to help you quit smoking. They contain advice and tips from experts and ex-smokers.

Need help with your quit smoking motivation?

Quit Smoking Motivation: A Guide for Londoners

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Stop smoking calendar: How to give up smoking this year

Stop Smoking Calendar: A Tool to Help You Stick with Quitting

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Can smoking affect your immune system?

Can Smoking Affect Your Immune System? Tips to Quit

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Should I worry about stop smoking weight gain?

Stop Smoking Weight Gain: Understanding and Overcoming the Challenge

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Nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Tobacco Withdrawal: Understanding the Challenges of Quitting Smoking

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Quitting smoking tips that really work

Quit Smoking Tips: Overcoming Past Failures - Every Day is a New Start

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Diverse group of young people talking

How to help someone stop smoking

Guide: How to Help a Loved One Quit Smoking - Stop Smoking London

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