Boredom & you

Smoking doesn’t help you deal with boredom. The trick is to find something else to do that distracts you.

Why do we smoke when we’re bored?

Emotional trigger

Boredom is an emotional trigger, which means that when you get that bored feeling, your brain immediately craves a cigarette.

Not distracted

When you’re busy and you’re constantly doing things, your hands don’t feel lost without a cigarette. But when you stop, you want one.

Time to think

As soon as you have the time to think about smoking, you’re in a downward spiral, as your thoughts become focused on cravings.

Something to do

One of the most common reasons for smoking when bored is that it’s just something to do. You need to pass the time, so you pick up a cigarette.

In your own company

You might also smoke when you’re bored because you are on your own with nothing to distract you.

It’s just a habit

Smoking when you’re bored is often because it’s what you’re used to. You sit down on the sofa with nothing to do, so you smoke.

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Which smoking aids work best whenever you’re bored

The key to avoiding a cigarette when you’re bored is to keep busy. Quit smoking tools can help you reduce your cravings, give you something to hold in your hands and distract you when think about smoking.

E-cigarettes (vaping)

Using an e-cigarette can give you something to hold like a normal cigarette, which is great if you need to keep your hands busy and distracted.

Nicotine Gum

Chewing nicotine gum is a discrete way to keep your cravings at bay and is available in two different strengths to help with your addiction.

Nicotine Spray

Use nicotine spray for the fastest way to get nicotine into your blood stream. It’s great if you get sudden urge to smoke and need something quick.

Pescribed Medication

Champix and Zyban are tablets that you take regularly to prevent cravings. If you take them as prescribed, you shouldn’t feel like you want a cigarette.

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Easy to do activities that can help when you're bored

Replace the pattern

Smoking when you’re bored is usually part of pattern. You come home and have nothing to do, so you take out a cigarette. Instead, plan to take out a book, a game or an activity you can do for 10 minutes.

Keep your hands busy

Stop your hands from getting bored and craving the feeling of a cigarette by taking up an activity like drawing or knitting, squeezing a stress ball, flipping a coin or anything else where you need to use your fingers.


Getting up and about is one of the best ways to fight off boredom of any kind, and it will definitely help distract you from thinking about a cigarette. Go for a walk, a run, a bike ride, anything to get active and focus your thoughts.

Change your routine

You might find that there are certain times of the day when you’re more likely to be bored, so change your routine. If you know you get bored around 9pm, plan to exercise or meet a friend at 8.30pm.

Challenge your brain

Your mind can also get bored, and when it does, you can start to think about smoking. Keep your mind occupied with activities like reading, puzzles and problem-solving activities.

Make a to-do list

The most important thing you can do when you feel bored and start to crave a cigarette is to do something else. Have a to-do list on hand, and then you can get up and do one of the actions on it, instead of smoking.

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Spend your money on something for you!

Stopping smoking won’t just make you feel better; the money you save can be spent on you! Treat yourself to new clothes or dinner at a great restaurant, a holiday, or a family day out. How much extra money will you have when you quit smoking?

In one week you could save


That's new makeup or skincare product


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In one month you could save


That’s a fantastic dinner for two


New workout clothes

In six months you could save


That's a week in the sun


A shopping spree

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Start saving for something really special

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A relaxing spa treatment

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A new piece of tech

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An exciting experience day

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A new and approved car

There are many ways to stop smoking, find the one that works for you

You are more likely to quit smoking by mixing and matching personal support like motivational support from a health advisor with NRT or a prescription medication and e-cigarettes.

What would work best for you?

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