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Quitting smoking is difficult. If you want to talk to someone who can support you, we can put you in touch with our team of advisers who can help you to quit for good.

Stop Smoking London Advice Line

There isn’t just one way to quit smoking and some ways will work better for you than others.

Wherever you live in London, call us now to speak to our advisers who can provide support, advice and help.

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Combining your choices

You don’t have to rely on just one method to quit. You are more likely to quit smoking by mixing and matching personal support like motivational support from a health advisor with NRT, a prescription medication or e-cigarettes. What would work best for you?


There is lots of support to help you quit smoking from health advisers, they are ready with tips, information and encouragement.

Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT)

NRT are products that provide you with a low level of nicotine and so can help you fight nicotine cravings as you quit.

Digital Mobile Apps

Apps on your phone are a great way to help you quit smoking, they can help you with tips, advise and encouragement when you need them most.

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