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Socialising and you

Lots of people smoke when they’re in a social situation. It’s convenient. Others are doing it. But how can you avoid picking up a cigarette?

How to avoid smoking when you’re socialising

Avoid sitting with smokers

It’s easy to get drawn into social smoking, so try and avoid sitting with groups of smokers. Second hand smoke is still dangerous and could tempt you.

Tell your friends

Get your friends to help you quit. They can keep you away from social smoking situations and make sure your smoking friends don’t offer you cigarettes.

Distract yourself

Keep yourself busy and entertained with other things when you’re socialising.

Stick to indoor, public places

It’s much easier to avoid smoking when you’re socialising with friends inside – like a bar or restaurant - where smoking isn’t allowed.

Have a plan

Before you go out, have an idea of what to do if you get a craving. Can your friends step in and distract you, or will that be when you decide to go home?

Use a quit smoking tool

One of the best ways to avoid picking up a cigarette when you’re out socialising is to use a quit smoking tool. See what works for you below.

Help someone you care about quit today

Which quit smoking tools work best when having a drink?

It’s best to give up alcohol completely for a few weeks when you first stop smoking. But if you are going to have a drink, using one or more quit smoking tools can help you stick to your plan and keep your cravings at bay.

E-cigarettes (vaping)

Using an e-cigarette can give you something to hold like a normal cigarette, which is great if you need to keep your hands busy and distracted.

Nicotine Gum

Chewing nicotine gum is a discrete way to keep your cravings at bay and is available in two different strengths to help with your addiction.

Nicotine Spray

Use nicotine spray for the fastest way to get nicotine into your blood stream. It’s great if you get sudden urge to smoke and need something quick.

Pescribed Medication

Champix and Zyban are tablets that you take regularly to prevent cravings. If you take them as prescribed, you shouldn’t feel like you want a cigarette.

Spend your money on something for you!

It doesn’t matter how long you've been smoking for or how many cigarettes you smoke a day, stop smoking now and you will see immediate health benefits. But the benefits don’t just end there - the money you save can be spent on you! How much extra money will you have when you quit for good?

In one week you could save


That's new makeup or skincare product


For you gamers the latest game

In one month you could save


That’s a fantastic dinner for two


New workout clothes

In six months you could save


That's a week in the sun


A shopping spree

In one year you could save


Treat yourself to that designer watch or jewellery


Start saving for something really special

In one week you could save


That's a pair of designer shoes


A relaxing spa treatment

In one month you could save


That’s a weekend in Europe, incl. flights


A new piece of tech

In six months you could save


That’s a luxury holiday


A new luxury bed

In one year you could save


That’s the deposit for a new car


A brand new kitchen

In one week you could save


That’s your weekly food shop


An exciting experience day

In one month you could save


That’s a night away in a luxury hotel


A new holiday wardrobe

In six months you could save


That’s a trip to Orlando for a family of 4


Fly to NYC and spend a few days in the Big Apple

In one year you could save


That’s an all-inclusive, month-long Caribbean cruise


A new and approved car

There are many ways to stop smoking, find the one that works for you

You are more likely to quit smoking by mixing and matching personal support like motivational support from a health advisor with NRT or a prescription medication and e-cigarettes.

What would work best for you?

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