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12 top tips to help you boost your chances
of quitting success this Christmas

Stop Smoking London – 12 top tips to help you boost your chances of quitting success this Christmas

One of the best presents you can give your loved ones this Christmas is to stop smoking.

To help smokers take the first step towards quitting this Christmas, we’ve pulled together our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ guide below. This 12-point advice is focused on practical and emotional steps you can take to start your stop smoking journey and ensure it ends in success.

Tip 1

Pinpoint your reason to quit smoking. We know that more than half of smokers want to quit. In London, a third have tried at least one quit attempt in the past year. Having a strong motivating reason will help you remember why you are doing it when your resolve wavers.

Tip 2

Make the decision. And mark it on your calendar. Every journey starts with a single step and for quitters that is the day you say “today is the day” - decide on a date and stick to it.

Tip 3

Get the right support. You are three times as likely to quit successfully with your local NHS stop smoking service than if try to stop smoking on your own. Find stop smoking support in your area.

Tip Four

Tip 4

Don’t lose heart if you have tried before. Take what you learned and use it. Need some additional motivation? Sign-up to Stop Smoking London’s free daily text service. Just enter your details to receive daily tips and encouragement during your stop smoking journey.

Tip 5

Identify your smoking triggers and how to deal with them. Do you smoke more when you are bored, drinking alcohol or when you are feeling stressed? Having a strong reason to stop smoking can help you stay motivated when those triggers beckon.

Tip 6

Tell the people you care about what you are doing so that they can be there to help and support you. People worry about their loved one smoking, especially children who don’t want to lose their mum, dad or grandparent to a smoking-related illness. Find out more about how to help a loved one stop smoking.

Tip Seven

Tip 7

Avoid temptation. Ask friends and family who smoke to not do this in front of you, not to offer you a cigarette or leave any lying about. It can be tempting to smoke so use the festive break as an opportunity to stay strong and avoid smoking.

Tip 8

You might think that smoking helps you cope with stress. Think again. It creates a cycle in which nicotine cravings make you feel MORE anxious as they kick-in. In your early days of quitting you WILL feel more anxious – this will pass and is something your local stop smoking service can help you with.

Tip 9

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to stopping smoking – you need to get the right support in place that would work best for you. Call the free Stop Smoking London helpline on 0300 123 1044 to find out how you can get a plan personalised to you.

Tip Ten

Tip 10

Stop smoking aids are a gift. Tablets from your doctor, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) like a nicotine inhalator or gum, spray or lozenges or switching to a vape or e-cigarette can all help and will double (and in some cases triple) your chances of stopping for good. Find out more about stop smoking tools and resources to suit you.

Tip 11

Support from a stop smoking service adviser is available where you live to help you to stop smoking. You are more likely to quit smoking by mixing and matching this personal support with NRT or a prescription medication and e-cigarettes. Visit the Stop Smoking London website to find and contact your nearest service.

Tip 12

Whatever you need, there’s an app for that. From personalised quit plans to motivation boards - find a list of apps and details on how to use them on the Stop Smoking London website. Whatever you need, there’s an app for that. From personalised quit plans to motivation boards - find a list of stop smoking apps and details on how to use them.

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