what are e-cigarettes and how do you use them?

Almost 3 million people use e-cigarettes in the UK – over half of those have now given up smoking completely.

There is good, reliable scientific evidence that e-cigarettes are a lot (at least 95%) less harmful than cigarettes.

COVID-19 and Vape Stores

We are now in a National Lockdown: Stay at Home. During this time vape stores will be closed, but some local stores may offer a delivery service. Please remember that you can purchase vaping devices and e-liquid from online vape stores for delivery to your home during this time.

For information and help to stop smoking today call us on 0300 123 1044. We are here to help you throughout your stop smoking journey.

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COVID-19 and vaping

It is not known if you are more likely to get COVID-19 if you vape, or if you are more likely to become very ill if you are a vaper who gets COVID-19.

However, the risk of severe illness is likely to be much less when vaping than if you smoke. Vaping remains much less harmful than smoking and it is very important that you avoid returning to smoking. What we do know is that when you vape your hand repeatedly goes near your mouth. This may be a way that COVID-19 can enter your body.

To reduce your and other people’s risk of COVID-19 infection it’s recommended that you:

Wash your hands more frequently than usual, for 20 seconds, with soap and water (or use hand sanitiser if soap is not available).

Wash your hands in this way before and after you vape.

Clean your vape devices regularly.

Do not share vaping devices.

Maintain space and do not exhale clouds of vapour around other people.

Remember that to limit your social contact you can opt to purchase vaping devices from online vape stores for delivery to your home.

What you need to know about e-cigarettes

What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a battery powered device that heats a solution called e-liquid or juice. E-liquid contains nicotine and flavours that are commonly found in food.

E-cigarettes allow you to inhale nicotine in a vapour rather than smoke. This is a much cleaner and safer way to get nicotine than you usually get from cigarettes.

Using an e-cigarette is called “vaping” as there is no burning involved.

Are e-cigarettes safer than smoking cigarettes?

Major health authorities such as Public Health England, the Royal College of Physicians, the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, the Royal College of General Practitioners and charities including Cancer Research UK all support the use of e-cigarettes in adults as a convenient way to cut down on the number of cigarettes they smoke, or to stop smoking altogether.

What about the dangers?

Using an e-cigarette is not completely without risk. But we do know that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than if you were to continue to smoke.

In the UK e-cigarettes are tightly regulated for safety and quality. When used as intended nicotine contained in e-cigarette liquids is relatively harmless.

Where can I find out more about e-cigarettes?

If you'd like help choosing the right e-cigarette and e-liquid for you, a specialist vape shop can help and advise. You can find a list of vape shops here, or you may already know of others in your area.

E-cigarette use and storage

Make sure that all e-cigarette devices, chargers and batteries display a CE mark. This is a certification mark that indicates conformity with European health, safety and environmental protection standards.

E-liquids should be stored in a cool, dark place out of reach of children and pets, and empty bottles should be disposed of safely.

To reduce the risk of fire, like any electrical device, the correct charger for the device should always be used and e-cigarettes should not be left charging unattended or overnight. Also, avoid placing spare batteries in your pocket with loose change or keys as this may cause ignition.

Why should I switch to e-cigarettes to help me stop smoking?

Switching to an e-cigarette means you are greatly reducing the number of harmful chemicals that you are taking in to your body.

You may find that you are able to taste things a lot better and that your sense of smell improves.

Lots of people find vaping more enjoyable than smoking!

You will save money by switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Smoking a pack of cheap brand cigarettes will cost you about £8 a day, the same amount of vaping will cost you about £1.50 a day.

Source: Management of smoking in primary care (MaSC) 2019.

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